Which service should we use for a freelancers marketplace web app?


We are a new startup, creating a freelancers marketplace, pretty similar to Fiverr/Upwork. It's a 2 side marketplace with all its features. We are not sure on which services we should start with (we want to start only with the most basic stuff needed). Can anyone please point us to the right info? Thank you!

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I’m glad to hear you’ve chosen to host your new startup on AWS! AWS provides several services that could be of use in getting your platform up and running.

Hosting a dynamic website with high-end web applications is made easy with Elastic Beanstalk - https://aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/ - Elastic Beanstalk handles deployment, with load-balancing and auto-scaling as well as capacity management and application health monitoring. You provide the code, while AWS does the rest.

As far as secure databases for holding financial/customer information, AWS offers both RDS (https://aws.amazon.com/rds/) and DynamoDB (https://aws.amazon.com/dynamodb/), which provide efficient relational and high-scale database platforms with assured security and reliability.

You also might find the resources listed here - https://aws.amazon.com/retail/digital-commerce/ - quite helpful in maximizing the efficiency of your new platform; particularly in e-commerce and setting up an immersive and streamlined user experience. You’re able to apply reliable security for your application, provide interactive and personalized user interfaces, and offer other enhancements such as search functions and chatbots - all through AWS services.

I hope this helped in your journey into finding business solutions with AWS! If you have any further questions, I’d be glad to offer assistance!

answered 4 months ago

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