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My website is very Slow an I am using $40 amazon light sail


here it is my website

it's worpress store - woo commerce hosted in plesk
it's unbelievable slow taking up to 40s to load
my website is optimized and I have varnished
and memcached

nothing did help improve my loading speed

I am running my website on $40 plan
2 vCPUs
8 Gb of ram
160 Gb SSD
5 T transfer per month

do I need to leave the lightsail an go with another Ec2 open plan
if yes which one will I need for my website?for faster load speed

if I go with T3.Xlarge
will I get better load spee for my website?

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8 Answers

No. If it's taking 40 seconds to load on a $40 machine, then the website is not optimized. It should load within a few seconds even on a $5 machine. So unless the server is under heavy load (lots of visitors on the site, or an attack of some sort), there's probably something in your WordPress set-up that causes these slow page loads. Could be a plug-in or the theme itself.

Does the Wordpress admin interface load fast enough?

Since memcached and Varnish do the same thing, it seems a little odd that you would have both?

answered 4 years ago

Lightsail is low quality, low performance and low reliability.
You're better to use something else (or some other provider)

answered 4 years ago

I was thinking in going with
is this the same instance like the lightsail ?

and thx for your reply

answered 4 years ago

Thank you for your reply

my WordPress Dashboard is slow as well
an y website is well optimized
when I test it in gtmetrix tool
I get really good score

but the loading is very bad

I was thinking in going with better instance

but I am not sure if it going to be better

answered 4 years ago

Performance scores like GTMetrix's don't have a direct relation to speed. You could score 100% and still be slow, due to a poorly optimized back-end, for example. Are you running PHP 7+? Did you install or enable an opcode cache for PHP? What's the CPU load like on the server?

If you have some experience managing Linux, you could try installing something like Xdebug or Blackfire to audit the performance of your PHP application (Wordpress, in this case) and find the culprit(s).

If you suspect the server itself is the problem, maybe do some benchmarks to gauge its performance. Upgrading to a more powerful server will only help if the resources assigned to your Lightsail server are now maxing out (so it's probably best to check that first).

answered 4 years ago

Unless the webpage is under heavy load, the latency issues for will likely not be improved much by being placed it on a larger instance type because most of the issues are in the browser. Usually WordPress themes and plugins are the culprit.

There are many techniques to reduce perceived latency such as:

  • Deferring render-blocking resources (wpsol_d767083a851bce1fb17e5b5e98f98893.css, jquery.min.js)

  • Lazy-loading images (there are 44 separate network requests for images)

  • Reducing synchronous script execution

  • Ensuring resources are properly gzipped

  • Making more resources cacheable by adding Expires and Cache-Control headers



answered 4 years ago

Hi Zack47.

I visit your page and it does not take more than 5 seconds to load.

How did you solve the problem with lightsail?

I have an instance of $ 10 USD and it takes me more than 20 seconds the first time, then with cache optimization it takes less than 4 seconds.

the load of the document type file (my html) is the most delayed with more than 15 seconds.


answered 3 years ago

I have been experiencing same problem for over a month - and will be switching over to ec2.
N.B. it's the initial load that is the killer for me. Once up and running there's no problem.

I've used go daddy and site runs flawlessly for years - seo has been good and actually got a sale from it. I'd say lock that in for several years if you are a newbie and don't have backend skills to press forward with my suggestions.

So digging around - Cloudformation has a vanilla script to start a wordpress single site / it will fire up a backend database on RDS / ec2 box. This thing is a nuclear cockroach in terms of termination though - just switching off ec2 box will respawn one.

Anyway - this suits my needs - I configured here and added notes that maybe helpful.

answered 3 years ago

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