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I recently changed the root account email for my AWS account after undergoing OTP verification successfully. Upon checking the profile section, it indicated that the email had indeed been changed. However, upon logging out and attempting to log back in using the new root email, I am getting the error "An AWS account with that sign-in information does not exist..". Strangely, attempting to use the old email address also proved futile.

After extensive research, I discovered that the new email had been used to create an AWS account several years ago, which was subsequently automatically closed due to non-usage. This revelation has left me in a predicament as my services are currently down, and I am unable to renew them.

Despite my efforts to reach out to AWS for assistance, I've encountered a roadblock. AWS support will only investigate issues if I am able to login to the AWS account in question, which is precisely the issue I'm facing.

I am seeking advice and guidance on how to resolve this situation promptly. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Jinu,

I'm sorry to hear this is happening. I was able to locate your support case and I've passed your concerns on to the team handling it. I would encourage you to continue to work with Support through your current case. It may help to request a chat or phone call, this article will explain how to do that:

— Brian D.

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answered 3 months ago
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  • Thanks, I was able to resolve the issue. It seemed like the account was not correctly mapped with the new email address.

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