Additional Traffic leading to 500 errors with ELB Path Based Routing


We have currently setup our ELB with path based routing to route a few endpoints to one target group (we can call it target group A) and for all other traffic to another target group. And that aspect is working as expected. However we have begun to notice that once we begin adding additional load to target group A we are seeing 500 errors on the ELB. And as we continue adding load the 500 errors increase.

One hypothesis that has come up is that target group A is only taking in HTTP traffic while target group B accepts HTTP and HTTPS traffic. And because of this we were wondering if that was the reason why we are seeing 500 errors on the ELB or is there another potential reason for why these errors are occurring with additional traffic.

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Can I check the access log and error log of target A's web server when a 500 error occurs in ALB?
I think it is possible that the error is caused by the processing load on the target side.

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  • Due to the nature of the logs I would be unable to share the logs but what I can see is that when the switch is first made (meaning we first begin switching traffic with the path based routing to target A) we see a low but steady amount of 500 errors on the ALB. There is not a lot of traffic and no app errors are seen when the switch is first made. Then over time as we begin adding more traffic the errors begin to increase.

    However, it does seem more interesting that right after we implement the path based routing we see these 500 errors on the ALB. So wonder if there is any explanation to that.

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