Why is my WorkDocs storage smaller than the user volume of my Workspace?


I have a single Workspace with a single user. The Workspace has a root volume of 80GB and a user volume of 100GB. When I access the user volume through WorkDocs from my own computer not all the data appears. Under "My account" in the WorkDocs web view storage is listed as "50 GB of 50 GB used." In Windows Explorer the My Documents folder has 26.3 GB (?!) and Shared With Me has 0 GB. Why does WorkDocs not accommodate the full 100 GB and how can I make it so?

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Thank you for posing your question. For WorkSpaces customers, they are entitled to 50GB of WorkDocs storage. That is cloud storage space tied to the WorkDocs and is not the same as the user volume attached to your WorkSpaces environment. Think of the user volume as a local storage for your WorkSpaces environment and you get 50GB of Cloud storage via WorkDocs. For details, please refer to the "Amazon WorkDocs pricing for Amazon WorkSpaces customers" section of the WorkDocs pricing page:


If you like to have more Workdocs storage, please have your administrator upgrade your account and the next time you log in to WorkDocs you should have the new storage quota your administrator configures for you.

Thank you.

answered 2 months ago

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