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/Getting reimbursed for failed recognition cases from Textract/

Getting reimbursed for failed recognition cases from Textract


Textract does not always work. Sometimes it fails completely. Sometimes it fails in recognizing very obvious text. Sometimes it recognizes jibberish where there are obvious numbers. Is it possible to get reimbursed for failed cases?

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I'm sorry for the trouble you've encountered with Textract. To get help with your billing question, please open a support case with our Account & Billing team:

To get the best results from your documents, I recommend using the best practices provided in our documentation:

If you have trouble achieving high accuracy with receipts, identification, or industrial diagrams, please contact our Textract team via email at for assistance.

Best regards,

Kita B.

answered 4 months ago
  • Your linked Support Center is not open for basic support plan - it says to post here at Re:Post

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