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I'm looking for a solution to centralize the log of several accounts into one, but I want to centralize from different regions as well. I saw that CloudWatch has this feature, but it doesn't allow sharing logs between different regions. I saw that AWS itself suggests an ELK solution (ElasticSearch/OpenSearch, Logstash and Kibana), but they say: "Centralized Logging with OpenSearch supports ingesting AWS service logs and application logs from a different AWS account in the same region.

...Currently, Centralized Logging with OpenSearch does not automate the log ingestion from a different AWS Region. You need to ingest logs from other regions into pipelines provisioned by Centralized Logging with OpenSearch."

I've seen some other alternatives with Kinesis, but the cost concerns me. What's another solution?

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CloudWatch has cross account capabilities. Further resources:

If you want an even more comprehensive solution (with VPC flow logs, CloudTrail etc), there is Centralized logging and multiple-account security guardrails.

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