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How to ensure that ALL json object fields are imported into QuickSight?



I have been trying for a while now to ensure that ALL the fields of my JSON file are imported in QuickSight but with no success. I am just uploading the flattened json file and I have tried the following:

  • I checked the data source limits and those should not be the problem, since I am well below the limits
  • I ensured that there are no nested arrays in my json objects, since these could be cause of entries not appearing
  • The fields that should appear but don't, have the SAME format as all the ones that do appear -> I tried by only uploading a smaller chunk of my json file with just the fields that did not previously appear, and now they get imported.. (how does that make sense?) but not when they are in the original bigger file.

What could I be missing?

Some help would really appreciated :))

1 Answer

Hello, this may not be an exact answer, but just hints of what I would try to troubleshoot it, assuming limits and others have been ruled out.

  1. You can convert to csv (there are free online tools available) and attempt to upload using csv. If you cannot convert, then there may be some problem on the json syntax, etc.
  2. Avoid special characters on the field, e.g. underscores and spaces. Although this should be ruled out because you've created a smaller subset and found working. I encountered same challenge as yours, i.e. columns are not detected, in Glue and the culrprit was the field names.

Hope these help! Please let me know the results!

answered 2 months ago
  • Hi, Thank for the hints! I have converted it to .csv and the conversion is successful and I have also tried changing the field names ( to remove the underscores), but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the problem.

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