Changing my display resolution on my AWS EC2 Windows11 machine



I hope someone here can help me, I have a big problem.

I have an AWS EC2 instance with Windows 11 C5.xlarge there I have configured some things and would like to connect to it via TeamViewer for security reasons (not via remote desktop connection)

The connection works fine via TeamViewer, but the resolution is always 800x600 on the instance when I start the connection via remote desktop, the resolution is 1920x1080.

I have done some steps to change the screen resolution including setting registry keys and also trying to force the setting via Powershell. All without success with Powershell I always get the error: The display driver failed the specified graphics mode. The latest updates are all installed and all drivers seem to be up to date. The Basic Display Adapter can be seen as the graphics card in the device manager. I also configured the instance correctly with the correct resolution before the import, but AWS seems to set this setting all the time and I can't explain why.

Hope to find a solution here.



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Running some google searches, it looks like TeamViewer's default resolution is 800x600 when no monitor is attached (which will be the case with EC2 instances). When you connect with Remote Desktop, the client specifies the resolution to be used.

I would recommend that your look for configuration options for TeamViewer. This is not something you will be able to change on the AWS/EC2 side.

Hope this helps!

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