How to use password access restriction for all new branches on Amplify?


In AWS Amplify, I'd like to restrict access with a password by default, and have a few branches publicly available.

In AWS Amplify console > Access control, I can:

  • apply a global password (but it's for ALL branches, and I want my production website to be publicly available)
  • or set a password restriction on selected branches (but in that case, all new branches or pull request previews are publicly available until they're manually protected).
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Yes, you can apply access control using password for new branches in AWS Amplify Console .

To do so, you need to follow these steps:

  • In the Amplify console, choose the app you want to set a password .
  • In the navigation pane, choose App settings and then select Access control .
  • Select Manage access in the Access control settings section .
  • In the Access control settings, set the username and password to restrict access to the desired branch from a GitHub repo.
  • Choose Save changes.

After that, users will be prompted for a username and password when they attempt to access the URL for the branch.

I hope this helps you with your query.😊 Unfortunately, you cannot set password protection by default on selected branches without manually protecting them or add a global password protection control to all branches. You can raise a request for it on GitHub here: Feel free to join the OS Contributor Community for Amplify as well here:

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