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Oracle Active Data Guard on AWS


A customer intends to run Oracle Active Data Guard to protect their Oracle DB across 2 AZs. What is your experience to take how long to switchover (more than 95 TB) to another Standby Oracle DB if the primary Oracle DB is malfunction? Thank you.

asked 3 years ago49 views
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Considering that database size is 95TB, I assume customer is going to run it on EC2. (RDS can only support 64TB max size).

For oracle on EC2, time to switch over is heavily dependent on the inflight transactions during the cut over time. This also depends on the tooling by customer on 1/failure detection 2/automate fail over process and 3/DNS changes - application changes.

With Oracle on EC2, customer has to develop all of this tooling themselves. Oracle has quite a few best practices published in this regard and these have been battle tested by Oracle DBA's for years.


answered 3 years ago

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