Automated tagging solutions for difference types of resources?


I am wondering if there is a solution out there for automating the tagging of resources. Specifically resources that have already have been created, I am not interested in updating those from console but rather dynamically with code. I am in the process of creating a (containerized) program that does this but wondering if there is an easier solution I found this older blog post : It is no longer supported but could work for my problem, however its looking like it may only support EC2 resources , while I need others to be tagged in addition.

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The available AWS Solution is that which you have already noted here. This solution uses CloudWatch to detect events from CloudTrail and invokes a Lambda function to tag the resources. As correctly stated, the solution example is for EC2 instances and associated EBS volumes. The solution can be customized where CloudWatch tracks more CloudTrail events and the Lambda code can be modified where necessary to tag the additional resources. Additionally, I noticed you mentioned this solution no longer works. Could you elaborate on this?

I dug further and found this article here that talks about how to achieve this use-case using the CloudCustodian tool.

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