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URGENT. AWS Root Account Hacked. AWS recovered our account. But EC2 and backup no traces of it in Account. Does AWS backup their systems to recover our website ?


We discovered the AWS root account hack on 6/20/22. We could not login to our account as the hacker email replaced our email. We had to open a new AWS account to be able to reach AWS support and submit a ticket to the security team. But by the time AWS support recovered our account 6/24/22, by replacing the hacker email with our original email. The hacker had plenty of time to wipe out our account, when we accessed our account today 6/24/22 there was no EC2 instances. So at this point, we have lost all our WordPress Law Firm code. My question is can AWS support team recover our website to include EC2 instances ? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. NOTE: we have no backups on the account anywhere.

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No. You should open up a ticket with AWS support to make sure, but the answer is going to be 'No'. Imagine the ramifications if the answer was 'Yes'. The answer has to be 'No'.

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answered 3 months ago

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