How do I pay multiple AWS invoices (i.e. balance due) with a single payment?


Between issues with my MFA and not using the service, I accumulated many $0.80 charges over multiple months. In the payment screen I see no "pay balance due" option and the invoices (each $0.80) appear to only be individually selectable for payment. Is there any way to pay them all with a single payment?

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Hello there,

Currently, consolidation of invoices is only possible within AWS Organizations. As of now the quickest way to manage these invoices is as follows, utilizing the navigation pane select Payments (The Payments due table lists all outstanding invoices).

If there are outstanding invoices, select the invoice you want to pay in the Payments due table, and then choose Complete payment. On the Complete a payment page, your default payment method is selected if it is eligible for you to use to pay the invoice.

More information can be found on managing your invoices via our official docs:


- Rick N.

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answered a year ago

Thanks for the response. I went ahead and paid all of the invoices individually. Since paying a balance in full is something commonly available, thought it would be available with AWS, but it appears not. Thanks again!

answered a year ago

This is horrible for small consumption.

In my case I had left just a single hosted zone (0.60 $/month) for more that 2 years

When I pick a payment method I don't have a chance to select my currency (BGN not in the list of less than 10 currencies available), therefore on each payment I have to pay a convergence tax (BGN to USD)

This lack of basic functionality made me pay as much in converting (BGN to USD) as I payed for the AWS service itself.

Seems highly irrational

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answered 3 months ago

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