Has SecureTunneling been deprecated?


In GreengrassV2, the recommended method of interactive debugging on deployed IoT devices is to use the aws.greengrass.SecureTunneling component. This component tunnels console interactions over the existing MQTT message bus, so no additional IT requirements need be foisted on customers. It is implemented as a Java wrapper around awslabs/aws-iot-device-client, which is itself implemented in C++. This established infrastructure is a big value-add when contemplating GreengrassV2 adoption.

However, there is now a strong trend of breaking changes and general bugs being reported on awslabs/aws-iot-device-client. Responses to issue reports are not forthcoming. Furthermore, it appears that some older architectures are no longer being supported by aws.greengrass.SecureTunneling at all.

Has aws.greengrass.SecureTunneling been deprecated? If so, what is the recommended method for debugging older devices that have already been deployed into the wild with GreengrassV2?

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Hello Brian, Thanks for reaching out. Secure Tunneling is very much a critical component for many of our customers. I am a PM on the Secure Tunneling team and we are constantly working on resolving the bugs listed in the link and prioritizing open issues. We will respond to the issues promptly. If you would like to establish a more direct communication channel on any of the bugs, please raise a support request from this link : https://aws.amazon.com/contact-us/ and we will be able to reach out to you directly.

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  • @nitin, your policy of taking away support for previously supported devices should be paired with a policy of giving advanced warning to customers that may be affected. Anything less makes it seem like AWS doesn't actually care about its Greengrass customers.

  • Feedback noted. I will be working very closely with Greengrass team to document such deprecations well ahead of time and monitor all accounts who will be impacted.


Hello Brian, thank you for reaching out to us. Yes GreengrassV2 Secure Tunneling component is an vital software used by many of our customers to SSH into their device to troubleshoot or debug an issue. To answer your question in short, secure tunneling component is not deprecated and team is working on investigating and resolving all of the open issues against both the Device Client and the Secure Tunneling component itself. We are continuously working on resolving bugs and releasing new version of the component. Yesterday itself on 10/04 we had released a new version (v1.0.17) of the component after resolving few bugs we found recently.

Please be patient with us until we resolve all of the issue and release new component versions. Is there any issue in particular you are affected with and are waiting for us to resolve?

Regards, Harsh Gandhi

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  • Where do we file bug reports for the component itself? Thanks.

  • Hello Brian, in the post bellow, Nitin has shared the link to create a case with our customer care.

    Also, after looking at the github issue in detail, we found out that the OS you are using on your device came to end of like last year. Because of this reason, it does not contain the latest version of libraries like libc, gcc and etc. and thus the build is failing with version mismatch error. We cannot downgrade the library versions or use an OS version which came to EOL to build and release component since it will make the component vulnerable. Thus, I would suggest you to either update your OS version or build a private component and use it until you are able to upgrade the OS. We would be more than happy to help you build the private component. Please create a customer case and we can directly work with you. Thank you.

    More details about the issue is captured over here: https://github.com/awslabs/aws-iot-device-client/issues/425

Accepted Answer

Greengrass support for legacy OSes has been silently deprecated

answered 6 months ago
  • Greengrass Secure Tunneling component is no longer providing support for OSs which came to end of life. Other greengrass component might still be supporting it.

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