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Problem with ELB logs


**Context: **i've created an ELB and have connected to a target group which inturn is connect to an ASG

ASG - Working: I could see that ASG is working fine aka it creates an instance automatically as per the scaling policy.

Target Group - Working: I could also see that the target group is indicating the instance as Healthy

ELB - Not Working: whereas, when I try to hit the ELB's public URL from a browser, I don't see it working, it fails with a timeout error and I've enabled logging for ELB but don't see the logs appearing in S3 buckets (although there's a file created by ELB, which means I've given proper access to it)

I literally don't know how else to track a request from ELB and I'm not seeing the logs generating in my application/instances as well. but, when I try to hit the public URL of my instance, the application does work

any inputs would be helpful!

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Have you checked if you security group have all the inbound and outbound rules ? Sometimes the application requires specific rules to guarantee the connection is established successful.

answered 5 months ago
  • the issue was that I was only modifying the security group of my ASG template but had a separate security group for ELB which was not being modified and that was the issue exactly. thank you for your input.

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