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I’m new to AWS - please accept my apologies if this is a basic/naive question. I recently setup some AWS services (within the past two days): specifically Amplify for hosting a NextJS app, RDS for a Postgres database, and Route 53 for a custom domain. And I had played around briefly with an Amplify Gen 2 configuration only to scrap (delete) it within a day given that it didn’t meet my needs. In any case, this morning received a Free Tier Usage Alert saying that my AmazonS3 bucket has 1707 requests out of a 2000 monthly limit. To the best of my knowledge I never setup an S3 bucket, but I’m assuming one of the other services did automatically. The question I have it: which service, and what are these requests? A random sampling of many of them are small xml files that have an "Access Denied" message in them. If I’m only using Amplify with RDS (and no file storage whatsoever), can I safely delete this S3 bucket?

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Amplify creates S3 to host your application.
Probably, but I think the request is for that S3 bucket.
I think that if you delete the Amplify application, S3 will also disappear, but just to be sure, we recommend checking whether there are any remaining S3 buckets.

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answered a month ago
  • Amplify may indeed use S3, but not 1700 requests for a single app. So I don't believe that is the issue. But thank you for taking the time to respond.

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