How to make codepipeline in RegionA to use codecommit repo which is in RegionB


I have a requirement where i need to use the existing codecommit repos in RegionB for the codepipelines in RegionA. I have read that codepipeline supports cross-region actions but when i try to do it , I am not able to find region in source stage of codepipeline. Another way is to do this through replication of codecommit repos into RegionA with a pipeline. But I am trying to avoid that. Is there any other way to achieve this?

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According to AWS documentation:

You cannot create cross-Region actions for the following action types: Source actions, Third-party actions, Custom actions

You can find more details regarding cross-region behaviour of AWS Codepipeline here in meantime:

Regarding workarounds: there would be two direct ways:

answered 20 days ago

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