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I would like to ask if tomcat10 available in the official repo of Amazon Linux 2023, or at least is there any way to install tomcat10 using yum?


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You can most definitely install Tomcat 10 using DNF (which is the successor to YUM).

I trust you understand the basics of RUNNING Tomcat, but once you have SSH'd into your instance running Amazon Linux 2023, here are the basic steps of installing Tomcat 10.

  1. I always like to update the package system:

sudo dnf update

  1. Install default available Java:

sudo dnf install java

NOTE: unsure which version of Tomcat you need, and which minimum version of Java? See Apache Tomcat Versions.

  1. Check that Java successfully installed by checking version:

java -version

  1. Use **dnf ** to install wget. It should already be there on Amazon Linux 2023 but just to make sure:

sudo dnf -y install wget

  1. Change to a directory to which you have write permissions, such as /usr/tmp.

  2. Do a wget to download Tomcat 10:


NOTE: again, if you are unsure which version you need, see Apache Tomcat Versions.

  1. Extract the TAR you just downloaded and move the files to a new directory.

tar -xvf apache-tomcat-10*.tar.gz

sudo mv apache-tomcat-10.0.23 /usr/local/tomcat

After this you'd create your Tomcat user(s), configure and run Tomcat.

Hope this helps! It worked on an Amazon Linux 2023 instance that I just spun up.

answered 9 days ago

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