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Starting yesterday, all the log groups disappeared on the CloudWatch console "Log Groups" page. But i see that i can still access my ECS logs, and from the ECS console, i can enter the ECS log groups on the CloudWatch page.

You can see that there is a log group under the loggroups directory But when i go back up the directory, it shows 0 log groups

Does it mean something happened to my setup where I accidentally hid them somehow on the CloudWatch console, or is something up with the console itself? I don't think I did anything recently about it. Thanks!

2 Answers
  1. Go to cloudtrail console -> Make sure you are checking the cloudtrail events in the same region, in which log group existed
  2. Select Event History from left pane
  3. Select Event Name from drop down in Lookup attributes field
  4. Enter Event Name as DeleteLogGroup

This will show you up all the events, in which log groups would be deleted and from their see what has caused this deletion.

Enter image description here

Mentioning again, make sure you check the cloudtrail events in the same region, in which log group existed.

Hope you find this helpful.

Comment here if you have additional questions, happy to help.


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answered 9 months ago
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reviewed 9 months ago
  • Were you able to find the cause?

  • Thanks for the detailed answer! i logged in to CloudWatch today, and all the log groups showed up there again without me having to do anything. So i wonder if it's a bug somewhere?


CloudWatch is a region resource.
So, if you open the wrong region, it may not show up.
Try to make sure the regions are correct.
The region can be changed by following the steps in the following document.

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answered 9 months ago

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