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SNS topic not showing up in Inspector console.


I'm trying to create a new Inspector Assessment Template in the console UI. I'm running into the SNS topic owned by the same account that I want to publish findings to not showing up in the list of SNS topics presented in the console UI list even when I have other Assessment Templates in the same account already publishing findings events to the same SNS topic. The existing Assessment Templates publishing to this SNS topic were created via a CloudFormation Template and not via the UI. Clearly there's either something wrong with console itself or the permissions in SNS for Inspector console to be able to generate a complete list of SNS topics.

What do I need to do get all SNS topics displayed in the list in the console UI?


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1 Answer

Hey all,

Working with some excellent Customer Support Engineers (CSEs) on the Inspector and SNS support teams we were able to narrow this symptom down to a bug in the Inspector console client side code where only the first page of SNS topics (first 100 topics) is ever fetched by the Inspector client side code. So any SNS topic that is not in that first page is never presented in the displayed list nor can you enter it manually because input is validated against the incorrectly constrained client side list.

The Inspector team have a bug in their backlog to address this defect.

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answered a year ago

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