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/Urgent! Amplify studio is not opening in the AWS Console/

Urgent! Amplify studio is not opening in the AWS Console


Hello AWS Team, I am building an application in the AWS Amplify studio. But now the Amplify Studio is not opening in the AWS console. I tried everything from clearing the cache to browser change but nothing else. Whatever I have done is not coming. I am not able to work anymore.

Here is the error from browser console. I am not sure if it relevant. But seems like because of this error, I am not able to open the studio.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'githubToken')
    at F.render (main.js:1:4215133)
    at zo (vendors~main.js:59:71428)
    at Uo (vendors~main.js:59:71227)
    at zs (vendors~main.js:59:112369)
    at ku (vendors~main.js:59:98325)
    at Cu (vendors~main.js:59:98253)
    at Su (vendors~main.js:59:98116)
    at mu (vendors~main.js:59:95103)
    at vendors~main.js:59:44772
    at t.unstable_runWithPriority (vendors~main.js:67:3768)


asked 2 months ago13 views
1 Answers


Please check if you have any network issues, If you do not have network issues try accessing from AWS CLI,

Keep an eye on AWS status if everything is fine try opening AWS Support ticket AWS premier support can help you.

Thank You GK

answered 2 months ago

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