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How can we access the AWS Monitron sensor data on local network using the gateway. We would like to use this sensor data to take some action locally in the network. Is there any API or commands by which we can access the sensor data. If yes please share relevant links or AWS services which can be used to obtain this data.

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Hi, There are two ways to access your raw Amazon Monitron data outside of Amazon Monitron.

You may want access your data on an ongoing basis, so that you can use it elsewhere. In that case, you can configure Amazon Monitron to automatically add your data to a Kinesis stream. From there, you can port it to various destinations, including Amazon S3 and Lambda. This process requires configuration, and that configuration requires an understanding of Kinesis Data Streams. However, once you have all the elements arranged to your satisfaction, you can keep your data streaming automatically.

Or you may want to access your data once in a while, just to gain a clear understanding of what kind of data you are storing and analyzing on AWS. In that case, you can ask AWS support to manually copy your data to Amazon S3. This process requires less configuration, but it cannot be automated. It only gives you the data that Amazon Monitron has accumulated up until now, in one chunk.

answered a month ago

Instructions for configuring the Monitron data export via Kinesis can be found below and there is a new reference architecture diagram showing how to use this data source and connect it with other downstream systems.

answered a month ago

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