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Can't still use db.t3.small instance by modify Aurora RDS


Hello. I have had database instance Aurora Mysql v1 with db.t3.small type. I decided to upgrade it to v.2 using Modify features. I successfully finished it. Next step I need to upgrade this DB from v.2 to v.3 but using a snapshot like in the manual.

So, unfortunately, when I try to restore a snapshot to change version of Aurora MYSQL to 3 I can't select db.t3.small type, the minimum power is db.t3.medium. Any restriction present?

asked 6 months ago159 views
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Accepted Answer

Refer to the documentation here. "The smallest instance classes that you can use with version 3 are t3.medium and t4g.medium. " The db.t4g.medium is the cheapest option

answered 6 months ago

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