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Provisioning a Wireless gateway with LoRaWAN control plane API in shell script


I have direct calls to the LoRaWAN Control Plane API: working well in Postman using the AWS Signature auth method.

What I'm trying to understand is if it's possible to use these APIs in a shell script from within a container running on the Gateway itself. Of course I know I can hit APIs in a .sh but I'm curious about two things:

  1. How would I implement the AWS Signature method in a shell script? Or is it possible to use standard (eg. Bearer Token) auth methods?

  2. AWS seems to heavily prefer using the AWS CLI, Boto3 or SDKs to interact with these endpoints, so what would I be risking if making direct calls.

1 Answers

Hi. If you use the AWS CLI or SDKs, you won't need to answer question 1). The CLI or SDKs should help you deliver solutions more quickly. For the most part, the CLI and SDKs are thin wrappers around the APIs.

If you didn't already find it (and I know this question is a few months old), this repository may be of interest:

Boto3 has been used for the provisioning:

answered 4 months ago

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