Automatically stop CodeDeploy ECS Blue/Green deployment on unhealthy containers


We are writing a CI/CD setup where we remotely trigger a CodePipeline pipeline which fetches its task definition and appspec.yaml from S3 and includes a CodeDeploy ECS Blue/Green step for updating an ECS service. Images are pushed to ECR also remotely.

This setup works and if the to-be-deployed application is not faulty and well configured the deployment succeeds in under 5 minutes. However, if the application does not pass health checks, or the task definition is broken, CodeDeploy will continuously re-deploy this revision during its "Install" step without end, creating tens of stopped tasks in the ECS Service. According to some this should time out after an hour, however we have not tested this.

What we would like to achieve is automatic stops and rollbacks of these failing deployments. Ideally CodeDeploy should try only once to deploy the application and if that fails, immediately cancel the deployment and thus the pipeline run. According to the AWS documentation no options for this exist in CodeDeploy or the appspec.yaml that we upload to S3, so we are unsure of how to configure this if it is at all possible.

We had two wanted scenarios in mind:

  1. After one health check failure, the deployment stops and rolls back;
  2. The deployment times out after a period shorter than one hour; ideally < 10 minutes.

We currently have no alarms attached to the CodeDeploy deployment group, but it was my understanding that these alarms only trigger before the installation step to verify that the deployment can proceed instead of running alongside the deployment.

In short; how would we configure either of those scenarios or at least prevent CodeDeploy from endlessly deploying replacement task sets?

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