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AWS Kinesis Video stream



We are planning to use AWS Kinesis Video stream for our one of the use cases. -From camera live video data will be sending to AWS KVS using provided producer SDK's.

We wanted to know is there any mechanism at AWS Kinesis video stream side to push the data to any other application instead of pull from the application. I've gone through the documentation and we can see using through API we can pull the video stream data fragment by fragment. But wanted to understand is there any way to Push the data from Kinesis Video stream to other application?

Thanks, Venkat

1 Answer

While not exactly a "push" in the sense that you are asking for, it is possible to obtain a streaming session URL for the live video stream. With this live stream you could build a web application with a media player to play the stream, or you could build an application client that can automatically consume the stream.


Alternatively, you can use the Kinesis Video Streams Parser Library to build an application client that works with the output of video streams:

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answered 2 months ago

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