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Query JSON files from S3 with Athena


Hello, Can someone please help? I set up a trail to audit all TLS calls in the account and saved all logs in S3. I tried to query the logs from S3 with Athena. This is the query I created:

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE cloudtrail_logs_tls_calls (
    eventVersion STRING,
    userIdentity STRUCT<
        type: STRING,
        principalId: STRING,
        arn: STRING,
        accountId: STRING,
        accessKeyId: STRING,
        sessionContext: STRUCT<
            sessionIssuer: STRUCT<
                type: STRING,
                principalId: STRING,
                arn: STRING,
                accountId: STRING,
                userName: STRING>>>,
    eventTime STRING,
    eventSource STRING,
    eventName STRING,
    awsRegion STRING,
    sourceIpAddress STRING,
    userAgent STRING,
    requestParameters STRUCT<
		maxResults: STRING>,
    responseElements STRING,
    requestId STRING,
    eventId STRING,
    eventType STRING,
    managementEvent STRING,
    recipientAccountId STRING,
    eventCategory STRING,
    tlsDetails STRUCT<
        tlsVersion: STRING,
        cipherSuite: STRING,
        clientProvidedHostHeader: STRING>
COMMENT 'CloudTrail table for <bucket_name> bucket'
LOCATION 's3://<bucket_name>/AWSLogs/<Acccount_Number>/CloudTrail/'
TBLPROPERTIES ('classification'='cloudtrail');

Then, when preview the table. I get this error:

Enter image description here

Thank you in advance for help,

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Accepted Answer

Amazon Athena lets you parse JSON-encoded values, extract data from JSON, search for values, and find length and size of JSON arrays.

You get this error if you used an incorrect SerDe during table definition. For example, the table might be using a JSON SerDe, and the source data includes Parquet objects. [1] -- [1]

To resolve this error, check the source data and confirm that the correct SerDe is used. For more information, see Supported SerDes and data formats [2]

Link- -- [2]

answered 13 days ago
reviewed 13 days ago

Hi, Thanks for response. I changed the ROW FORMAT serde to ''. Now I am getting the information I need. Really appreciate your help.

answered 13 days ago

No problem. Happy to help. :)

answered 13 days ago

Hi There In addition to the above answer, are you able to see TLSDetails in Athena? Take a look at this blog post which mentions that TLSDetails isn't yet supported in Athena.

Amazon Athena: You can query AWS CloudTrail logs in Amazon Athena, and we will be adding support for querying the TLS values in your CloudTrail logs in the coming months. Look for updates and announcements about this in future AWS Security Blog posts.

One recommendation is to use AWS CloudTrail Lake: You can follow the steps, and use the sample TLS query, in the blog post Using AWS CloudTrail Lake to identify older TLS connections. There is also a built-in sample CloudTrail TLS query available in the AWS CloudTrail Lake console.

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answered 13 days ago

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