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I am setting up a Yellowfin deployment using their stock app-only image on ECS Fargate. I was able to set up a test cluster for my team to experiment with.

Yellowfin requires a license to use their software. To issue a license, Yellowfin needs to know the hostname of the underlying platform it runs on. Yellowfin can provide wildcard licenses that match on a standard prefix or suffix. Currently, we are using a development license that matches on the default hostname that our test environment's Fargate task is assigned.

The default hostname seems to be of the form <32-character alphanumeric string>-<10-digit number> where the former is the running task's ID and the latter is an ID of some other related AWS resource (the task definition? the cluster?) that I could not identify. Although this 10-digit number stays constant if new tasks are run, it does not seem like a good strategy to base the real Yellowfin license off of it.

I would like to override the hostname of a Fargate task when launching the container to include a common prefix (e.g., "myorg-yfbi-") to make it simple to request a wildcard license for actual use. If possible, I would like to avoid building my own image or migrating to use another AWS service.

Is there a standard way to override the hostname for a Fargate service by solely updating the task definition? Would overriding the entrypoint be a viable option? Is there another way to set hostname in Fargate that I am not aware of?

Thank you for any guidance you can provide. Happy to provide more information if it helps.

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For ECS tasks running on Fargate or with AWS VPC networking, you cannot currently customize the hostname of the container. I would recommend reaching out to Yellowfin to see if they can offer an AWS Marketplace-based offering for AWS containers. AWS Marketplace supports licensing and metered usage for container services.

answered 2 years ago

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