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Google DNS to Route 53 - DNS not propagating


I purchased a domain thru Google and was using Google DNS perfectly for a year. Three days ago, we decided to switch to Route 53 because the apps and backend are going to be hosted there. Even after 72 hours DNS propagation is sporadic - different results at different times in different regions. Whois table is pointing to correct AWS nameservers. Hosted Zone ID is Z006192126BBCMWSL9RLW.

I have a Cloudfront distribution for the website. A record (ALIAS - Yes) and CNAME for www (ALIAS - No) record are both pointing to this Cloudfront distribution. Only the website is not working properly. Other services like GSuite are just fine.

Never experienced a single issue when I was with Google DNS. Very frustrating. Any helpful pointers please? I really appreciate it.

asked 2 years ago45 views
2 Answers


When I try to access your website, I get an "Access denied" error, which isn't a DNS error. Here's an AWS document from Premium Support about diagnosing those errors:


answered 2 years ago

Thanks Scott. It turns out that the issue was on the CloudFront side. We had to add the top level domain ( to Alternate Domain Names (CNAME) in the distribution settings. Previously we only had * in there bc Google DNS was just pointing directly to the top level domain. Problem solved. Thanks again.

answered 2 years ago

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