The EC2 public address is not accessible from everywhere


I am running a simple application on EC2 instance i-013ee4eb93134eb24. I have added a rule for a port in the security group. I am able to access that port/application from my computer (used for EC2 configuration) but not able to access from any other device.

  • Even though the risk is small, I would edit your question to remove the instance id. We (users on the forum) can't do anything with it so it's not necessary to post it.

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Please check the inbound rules for the Security group which is mapped to the instance. Take close look at the source of the inbound rule for the port mapping. If you are still stuck let us know. Thanks

answered 2 years ago
  • Hi Sandeep, thanks for pointing me out...sometimes it is enough just open an eyes;) Resolved.

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