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Dear AWS Support Team,

I am writing to seek assistance with an issue I am encountering while attempting to issue an SSL certificate for my domain, using Amazon Lightsail.

I have successfully followed the steps outlined in the AWS user guide (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lightsail/latest/userguide/amazon-lightsail-enabling-distribution-custom-domains.html ) to create a distribution. The distribution status is currently Enabled.

According to the user guide, once the distribution status is Enabled, the certificate's domain should appear in the Custom domains section, followed by the option to "Add domain assignment." However, on my screen, the certificate's domain is displayed, but the "Add domain assignment" button is missing. Instead, the Domain Status is indicated as "Domain not registered to account." This prevents me from proceeding to the next step.

I have searched for a solution online and found that this issue might arise due to using a domain not purchased through AWS. I have purchased my domain from a Korean hosting company.

I would appreciate your guidance on how to proceed with adding my domain assignment and obtaining the SSL certificate. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Gyeonghun Han

Additional Notes: I attempted to attach a capture image to illustrate this situation, however, image attachments are not permitted on this forum.

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In that case, I think the solution is to delegate the domain purchased at an external registrar to the Lightsail domain, or create a CNAME record for the distribution in the registrar's DNS zone.

If you want to delegate your domain, create a DNS zone in Lightsail by following the steps in the document below.
Once created, you can delegate by checking the NS record and replacing the NS record set in the external registrar with the NS record listed in the Lightsail DNS zone.

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  • Dear Riku_Kobayashi,

    Thank you for your kind and prompt response.

    I will be sure to follow the solution you have provided. If it is successful, I will be sure to leave another comment.

    Thank you again for your help.

    Sincerely, innerlight

  • Subject: Inquiry Regarding A and CNAME Record Configuration in AWS Route 53

    Dear Riku_Kobayashi,

    I am currently attempting to configure A and CNAME records in AWS Route 53, and I have encountered a few issues that I would like to clarify.

    1. A Record Configuration I have used @.mydomain.co.kr as the record name. Is this correct? For the Resolves To value, what should I enter? The documentation suggests using the distribution name, but I am unsure whether this should be replaced with the fixed IP address. Additionally, should I be entering "the default domain name of your distribution" in this field? Why does selecting the "Is AWS resource alias" checkbox result in an error message?

    2. CNAME Record Configuration I have entered websie.mydomain.co.kr as the record name. The documentation provides this as an example. Is this the correct record name to use? The Route traffic to field name appears different from the document. What value should I input? The document shows "Maps to", while my screen displays "Route traffic to". I have already entered "the default domain name of your distribution" in the "Route traffic to" field for the CNAME record configuration.

    Due to these issues, I am unable to successfully configure the A and CNAME records. I would appreciate it if you could identify any errors in my configuration or if there are any other underlying problems.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

    Sincerely, innerlight

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Not a response for your domain-related question, but to address the image attachment issue you had, here's a screenshot showing where the image attachment option is on rePost while both posting a question or an answer. After clicking that option, it will present you an option to either select or drag-drop an image file.


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  • I first visited re:Post and was not familiar with it. I am very grateful for your explanation.

  • No problem. Most welcome.

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