How to control voice speed in Polly's neural voices?


Hi, in Amazon Polly console, I noticed that the voice speed tag prosody rate doesn't work for neural voices. How can I change voice speed? For example, the new neural italian voice "Adriano", wich is beautiful, is unfortunately very fast and doesn't sound natural at the default rate, I would like to slow down it. How can I do? Thank you.

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Hi, as per documentation:

Prosody tag attributes are fully supported by the standard TTS voices. Neural voices support the volume and rate attributes, but don't support the pitch attribute.

(emphasis mine)

I just successfully synthesized below, observing slower speaking rate:

    <prosody rate="slow">
        Ciao! Mi chiamo Adriano, e posso leggerti qualsiasi testo tu mi scriva.
answered a year ago

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