How to add interactions to buttons in amplify studio?


I have designed an app in figma imported it to the amplify studio I have created button components like signup/login How to add interactions to these buttons?

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To add interactions to the button components in your Amplify Studio project, you can follow these steps:

Open your Figma file and select the button components you want to add interactions to.

Use the Amplify UI Builder Figma plugin to generate the React code for these button components.

In the generated React code, you can add event handlers like
onClick to the button components to define the desired interactions.

For example, if you want to add a click event handler to the "Signup" button, you can update the generated code like this:

<Button onClick={handleSignup}> Signup </Button>

// Add the corresponding event handler function const handleSignup = () => { // Add your signup logic here console.log('Signup button clicked'); };

Once you have added the event handlers, you can copy the updated React code and paste it into your Amplify Studio project.

Amplify Studio will recognize the new button components with the added interactions and update the UI accordingly.

You can further customize the button components and their interactions as needed within your Amplify Studio project.
answered 6 days ago

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