What service should I use to host my application?


I'm building a new application using Ruby on Rails connecting to a PostgreSQL database.

Which AWS service should I use to host my application?

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Consider looking at AWS App Runner. App Runner is the simplest way to run containers on AWS, including Rails containers. And App Runner also supports running in a custom VPC, making it easy to connect your application to an Amazon RDS database. App Runner also automatically scales your application in and out to meet demand, helping you save money.

answered 2 years ago
  • Wow, this looks just what I was looking for, thanks for the suggestion!

  • It's unclear why you think AppRunner is going to solve your problem of "paying for something running all the time even while developing my app and its getting no traffic". Currently due to the limitation of ECS it cannot scale to 0, though the price is relatively cheap. Also like I already pointed out, there are limitations App Runner has similar to Lambda custom container, specifically on storage. I will recommend you build on Elastic Beanstalk unless you know containers very well and the application does not have strong state / persistence requirements. Even that, you might be better off with Lambda.

  • Thank you for the response. I like the pay-as-you-pricing model that App Runner provides. Everything I've read about Beanstalk is I'd have to pay for EC2 instances even if my application isn't receiving any traffic. I did look at Lambda, but since I'm using Rails for request routing in the application, I'd have to pay for an API Gateway as I don't think I can invoke a Lambda function from a web request without one. I was looking at using Sidekiq for asynchronous tasks, but I think using an SQS queue and Lambda functions would be a good fit for that use case.


Hello -

That question depends on what's your experience level is and what setup you already have.

However, for many new customers looking for easy to start solutions and setups, have you considered ElasticBeanstalk and RDS?

answered 2 years ago
  • I was looking at Beanstalk but I didn't like the idea of paying for something running all the time even while developing my app and its getting no traffic. Is there anything cheaper?

  • depends on your use case, Lambda might be an option though you will complicate the setup if you need to persist data. But generally, for development you might just use a local environment or even a Cloud9, and for testing you can have a small EC2 instance which can be shut down if not using.

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