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Can't access webpage with fargate's ip?


I have implemented a web server on fargate.

Connection via elb DNS address worked fine.

If you look at the success, the security settings seem to be fine, but if I connect directly to the IP of the fargate task, the connection is not possible.

Is it not possible to connect to the original fargate's task ip? Or am I setting it up wrong?

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That should work, I would troubleshoot it in this order:

  1. Is the Fargate task in a public subnet? (If not, you need to be on a VPN)
  2. Are you testing with the public IP? (If not, you need to be on a VPN)
  3. Are you using the correct port? (ALB often reroutes from 443 to 80 after SSL resolution, if you bypass the ALB, you need to go straight to 80)
  4. Is the Security group open to your IP and port?

Good luck :)

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answered 2 months ago
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reviewed a month ago

To use a static IP or Elastic IP with fargate tasks you must first create a Fargate service with an ALB or NLB and then attach the Elastic IP of the task to the load balancer.

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answered 2 months ago

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