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CDK - CodePipeline notification rule - Resource handler returned message: "Invalid request provided: AWS::CodeStarNotifications::NotificationRule"


We have a helper method in our CDK library (based on Amazon.CDK.Lib 2.28.1) to establish a CodePipeline notification rule to SNS topic that delivers events to a Microsoft Teams channel via Lambda function.

internal static void ToMicrosoftTeams(CodePipelineNotifierProps props)
	var topic = EstablishEventsTopic(props);
	props.Pipeline.NotifyOnExecutionStateChange("NotifyOnExecutionStateChange", topic);

	// Pull the lamdda function python code embedded in assembly.
	using var fileStream = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetManifestResourceStream("");
	using var streamReader = new StreamReader(fileStream);
	var lambdaCode = streamReader.ReadToEnd();

	var funcName = $"{props.ProductName}-{props.PipelineName}-events-to-teams-{props.Environment}";
	var lambdaFunc = new Function(props.Pipeline, funcName,
		new FunctionProps
			FunctionName = funcName,
			Runtime = Runtime.PYTHON_3_9,
			// Inserting code as raw string; resulting code file will default as
			// Function lambda_hanlder()
			Handler = "index.lambda_handler",
			Code = Code.FromInline(lambdaCode),
			Environment = new Dictionary<string, string>
				{ "TeamsChannelUrl", props.TeamsChannelUrl}

	topic.AddSubscription(new LambdaSubscription(lambdaFunc));

private static Topic EstablishEventsTopic(CodePipelineNotifierProps props)
	string topicName = $"{props.ProductName}-{props.PipelineName}-events-{props.Environment}";
	return new Topic(props.Pipeline, topicName, new TopicProps
		DisplayName = props.PipelineName + " events",
		TopicName = topicName

This setup fine in our testing. However today in deploying a new environment, there seem to be a new error encountered on creating the notification rule.

AppService-stack | 3/10 | 2:59:02 pm | CREATE_FAILED | AWS::CodeStarNotifications::NotificationRule | AppService-pipeline-dev/AppService-pipeline-dev/NotifyOnExecutionStateChange (AppServicepipelinedevNotifyOnExecutionStateChangeE355A12F) Resource handler returned message: "Invalid request provided: AWS::CodeStarNotifications::NotificationRule" (RequestToken: <GUID>, HandlerErrorCode: InvalidRequest)

AppService-stack | 3/10 | 2:59:03 pm | CREATE_FAILED | AWS::IAM::Role | AppService-pipeline-dev/AppService-pipeline-dev/AppService-pipeline-events-to-teams-dev/ServiceRole (AppServicepipelinedevAppServicepipelineeventstoteamsdevServiceRoleDE6A960E) Resource creation cancelled

Why has this been considered an invalid request?

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Accepted Answer

Don't know why, but after updating the local CDK runtime to 2.31.0, without changing our library reference version (2.28.1), the cdk deploy now succeeds for the notification rule and the other resources.

answered a month ago

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