Is AWS DataSync a bidirectional service?


If DataSync is configured with an on-prem NFS mount as the source, and EFS as the target, will changes to the EFS volume be reflected on-prem?

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Hi! I have been looking for an answer to this question for a few hours. This is the closest I have found. However, I don't think that bidirectionality is supported. Would be nice if someone found otherwise.

Transferring files in opposite directions Transferring data in opposite directions allows for workflows where the active application moves between locations. AWS DataSync doesn't support workflows where multiple active applications write to both locations at the same time. Use the steps in the following procedure to configure DataSync to transfer data in opposite directions.

To configure DataSync to data transfers in opposite directions

Create a location and name it Location A.

Create a second location and name it Location B.

Create a task, name it Task A-B, and then configure Location A as the source location and Location B as the destination location.

Create a second task, name it Task B-A, and then configure Location B as the source location and Location A as the destination location.

To update Location B with data from Location A, run Task A-B.

To update Location A with data from Location B, run Task B-A.

Don't run these two tasks concurrently. DataSync can transfer files in opposite directions periodically. However, it doesn't support workflows where multiple active applications write to both Location A and Location B simultaneously.

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DataSync moves data from a specified source location to a destination location using task executions. You can create two tasks to move data in both directions as outlined above. However, it is not recommended to execute these tasks simultaneously for a bi-directional sync. DataSync does not perform any collision detection or version reconciliation with writes occurring in both locations. The task scans the source and destination for changes and will copy files based on the inventory at the time of the scan.

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