I am unable to connect to my instance through any means after enabling Cloudflare Warp.


I installed Cloudflare Warp on my instance, but I forgot to add my IP address when enabling it, which resulted in me being unable to connect to my server via SSH. I thought I could connect using EC2 Instance Connect, but that also failed. Now, I have no way to connect to my instance. Other than changing the public IP or creating a new instance, is there any other way for me to re-establish the connection?

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Perform the following steps to get access to the files for troubleshooting and fixing.

  1. Take a snapshot of the Broken Instance (BI) root volume
  2. Stop BI
  3. Detach root volume from BI
  4. Start a New Instance (NI)
  5. Attach BI root volume to NI
  6. Mount the BI root volume on NI at the OS level
  7. Troubleshoot and fix.
  8. Detach BI root volume from NI
  9. Attach BI root volume to BI
  10. Start BI, now Fixed Instance (FI). :)
  11. Set up a Data Lifecycle Policy to automate snapshot of the FI.
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  • This sounds feasible, let me give it a try.

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