Cannot Get CodeBuild to Build More Than 1 Concurrent Build


I cannot seem too get more than 1 concurrent build running at a time. If I try to set the "restrict Number of Concurrent Build" in the Project Configuration for CodeBuild to say 3 I get this error:

"Project-level concurrent build limit cannot exceed the account-level concurrent build limit of 1"

The build that we use builds a custom Windows Server Docker image. Not sure if that has any bearing on this.


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There are various account level quotas that AWS sets for new and existing accounts. Some of the quotas protect you from unpredicted cost skyrocketing when you just start the cloud journey, the other ones might be applied if AWS detects something unusual in your accounts (e.g. an open vulnerability, an expired credit card, ...)

The best way to resolve this issue is contacting AWS Support and requesting the quota increase for the number of concurrent builds in AWS CodeBuild. If there are some things that need to be fixed in your account first, you will be informed about that. Otherwise, the quota will be increased, so you can run more than one build in parallel.

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answered 2 years ago

It looks like you have another code build projects on this account, and if they have also "restrict Number of Concurrent Build" set to something greater you may exceed "Concurrently running builds " account quota. Let me give you an example: you have one Codebuild project with concurrency set to 30 and another with concurrency equal to 28, so in this case, if you would try to set another project with concurrency set to 3 you will exceed the default account quota which is 60.

Let me know if it resolving your problem.
Regards, Dominik

answered 2 years ago
  • Hi, I shouldn't have any more than 1 CodeBuild project setup on the account. I'd be interested to know which region you are seeing this in? The only one that I want is in US West Oregon. Either way, I haven't set any concurrency restrictions on any of the codebuilds that I have created. The only reason for trying to do that was to force the error message so that I could investigate why I couldnt get more than 1 concurrent build. Also, I am merely trying to get more than 1 at a time e.g. 2, so unless I had a lot of build trying to run it shouldn't hit the max per account quota.

  • As said above, you should probably hit AWS Support. If you want to check your current quotas, search "Quotas" in AWS Search. My region is eu-west-1.

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