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Endpoint for Kafka Connect


The endpoint for MSK is kafka. It is https.
I checked endpoint for the MSK connect. I couldn't. Is it kafka or is there something like kafkaconnect endpoint.

Other than this doc:, is there a way to get endpoint for a service. I have looked into Cloudtrail but I am not certain about it because I don't understand the behavior of this service. It does not log every API call.

2 Answers

MSK Connect provides access to run Apache Kafka Connect connectors in a managed service. The endpoint to control the underlying Kafka Connect processes is not directly exposed, but is wrapped in the AWS SDK, so that the service can provide additional parameters such as auto-scaling limits. As such, there is no direct Kafka Connect endpoint, but there is an API endpoint available via AWS SDK clients as documented in the AWS MSK Connect API Reference at .

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answered 9 months ago

Can you say more about how to use the sdk to access these endpoints? The documentation doesn't have any instructions in this regard as far as I can see.

answered 8 months ago

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