I can't find UpdateApplication/UpdateApplicationVersion event in cloudtrail


We are using elastic beanstalk a lot and we update the version from AWS only. Problem is i can see UpdateDeployment and other events but cannot find UpdateApplication/UpdateApplicationVersion event which supposed to be fired.

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As per the documentation [1], all Elastic Beanstalk actions are logged within Cloudtrail therefore the UpdateEnvironment and UpdateApplicationVersion actions should be logged too.

[1] Logging Elastic Beanstalk API calls with AWS CloudTrail - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/latest/dg/AWSHowTo.cloudtrail.html

I have tested this in my own environment by running the update-environment and update-application-version CLI commands and I was able to see these actions logged in my Cloudtrail console. These commands are:

aws elasticbeanstalk update-application --application-name Test --description "New Test"
aws elasticbeanstalk update-application-version --application-name Test --version-label "Sample Application" --description "New Version Label"

With this being said, please verify that you are in the correct region when reviewing the Cloudtrail logs. This should be the same region where your Elastic Beanstalk environments exist. In addition to this, can you perform a test using the CLI commands as above and monitor if you see these events within Cloudtrail.

If you verified that you are in the correct region however you are still experiencing the same behavior, we require details that are non-public information. Please open a support case with AWS using the following link:


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For what it's worth, when I do a beanstalk deploy ( through the console but I assume it would be the same by calling the beanstalk API ) I get the following CloudTrail events ( I'm only looking at events that are NOT readOnly ) :


I don't see any events with the names you have above in there. I do tend to get notifications with those event names if I subscribe to beanstalk notifications; but I don't see those exact corresponding events in CloudTrail.

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