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Hi Amazon Support,

I'm currently on the free tier of the CloudFront service, which includes 10000000 req/m as Global-Requests-Tier1 and 1024 GB/m as Global-DataTransfer-Out-Bytes.

Recently, I received an email with the subject: 'Your Amazon Web Services Free Tier expires soon.'

I'm seeking clarification on whether my current usage of the free-tier plan for CloudFront is at risk of expiration, or if I can continue using it as before. I primarily use it for personal needs, and the possibility of exceeding the quota is minimal. Could you provide some guidance on this matter?

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Hi mostafaznv,

Most likely this email is related to normal Free Tier, not related to CloudFront Always Free.

To check Free Tier go to: Billing and Cost Management and then to Free Tier. Some of the services expires after 12 months, some of them are permanent (as for now).

Full info how this looks like:*all&awsf.Free%20Tier%20Categories=*all


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AWS offers three types of free tiers namely the (1)Free Trial, (2)12 months free and the (3)always free tiers. Your question on cloudfront falls into the always free tier as far as cloudfront is concerned and includes the 1TB of data transfer out, 10mil http/s requests and 2mil function invocations. Any usage outside of these become billable. Your notification message for free tier expiration could be related to other service you are using.

Here is a link to the AWS Free Tier page as well -

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Thank you to both of you for the replies.

So, it seems I should not be worried about that, and I can continue to use the free tier as before.

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