Subdomain on separate account in cpanel what about Route 53 zones


I have and in cpanel
I am going to use Route 53 but what about Hosted zones?

Do I need to create two hosted zones ?

As these in cpanel account have two different zones does it not make sense
to do the same here ?

If I have to put the subdomain dns into one zone as main then is there any tool to merge them?
I tried but I get errors

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Technically, you can create a separate hosted zone for a subdomain, but for most folks it imposes unnecessary complexity. Here's the simplest way to route internet traffic for a domain and subdomain:

  1. Create a hosted zone for the domain. See "Creating a Public Hosted Zone" in the Route 53 Developer Guide:

  1. Create a record for See "Creating Records by Using the Amazon Route 53 Console":

  1. Create a record for In the Route 53 console, the default name for a record is the name of the hosted zone, so all you type in the Name field is the subdomain part of the name.


answered 3 years ago

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