Extract only specific data from invoice using amazon textract


I want to extract only specific data from an invoice using amazon textract currently all the data including form fields and table fields are getting extracted and their contains some data that the user does not require, the user only cares about specific fields such as invoice date, invoice number etc. So i was wondering if their was a way to resolve this issue.

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Amazon Textract automatically detects the vendor name, invoice number, ship to address, and more from the sample invoice and displays them on the Summary Fields tab. It also represents the standard taxonomy of fields in brackets next to the actual value on the document. For example, it identifies “INVOICE #” as the standard field INVOICE_RECEIPT_ID.

Please refer to this blog which provides some good technical insight : https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/machine-learning/announcing-expanded-support-for-extracting-data-from-invoices-and-receipts-using-amazon-textract/

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