How can I export a model (Predictor) trained on Amazon Forecast?


On Amazon Forecast, how can I export a model (a Predictor in Forecast lingo) that I already trained? For example, export an ARIMA or Prophet model weights to a file to be downloaded or stored on S3.

Running forecasts on new data is just too slow and I would like to use Forecast to train models and eventually deploy them somewhere else.

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With Amazon Forecast, hosting trained models is done automatically in the service itself. You cannot export the trained models out of the service. You can view the model hyperparameters used by expanding the "training parameters" section on the Predictor page in UI. Or you can issue API command describe_predictor(). If you don't see a setting in the "training parameters" section, then it has default value, documented under each algorithm > hyperparameters section

answered 2 years ago

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