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How To automaticaly modify CloudWatch Dashboard when new instance is created.


Hello friends, for my customers I will be deploying (their) new instances - on demand and automatically. I also have one CW Dashboard with the list of all my server-instances, Metrics and Alarms. Any Idea how to simply react for new generated server instance? Practicaly, when new instance apears, I would like automaticaly spread my Dashboard. I am looking for the simplest way, if exists. e.g. some CLI script, which I will run when new instance apears in my EC2. Erasing of old (and obsoled) instances will be usefull (and nice to have) too :) thanks martin

1 Answers

You can use Metrics explorer for this Metrics explorer visualizations are dynamic, so if a matching resource is created after you create a metrics explorer widget and add it to a CloudWatch dashboard, the new resource automatically appears in the explorer widget.

answered 21 days ago

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