How do I resolve a DNS CNAME conflict from the AWS WordPress Plug-In tool for Cloudfront?


Following the steps of the AWS for Wordpress Plug-In, I created cloud front distribution with SSL certificate. However, when I go to Route 53 to add the CNAME record for the distribution, I get the following error message

Bad request. (InvalidChangeBatch 400: RRSet of type CNAME with DNS name is not permitted as it conflicts with other records with the same DNS name in zone

I do not have any other CNAME records (other than the validation one), so I don't know where the conflict is arising from.

I went over to the Lightsail console, created a new DNS zone, updated the name servers in Route 53, and was able to add the CNAME record in Lightsail, but my site still shows not secure.

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Could you please try the following as per the documentation

Adding an alternate domain name

1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the CloudFront console at
2. Choose the ID for the distribution that you want to update.
3. On the General tab, choose Edit.
4. Update the following values:
Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs)
Add your alternate domain names. Separate domain names with commas, or type each domain name on a new line.


Route 53

Create an alias resource record set. With an alias resource record set, you don’t pay for Route 53 queries. In addition, you can create an alias resource record set for the root domain name (, which DNS doesn’t allow for CNAMEs. For more information, see Routing traffic to an Amazon CloudFront web distribution by using your domain name in the Amazon Route 53 Developer Guide.
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answered 2 years ago

That is exactly what I have already done. However the final step, going to Route 53 to add the CNAME record is where I have the problem. I get an error message saying "conflicts with other records with the same DNS name in zone" even though there are no other CNAME records visible in my zone.

answered 2 years ago

Based on a DNS query, it looks like you already have an A record for - you'll need to remove this to be able to add a CNAME record.

answered 2 years ago

I removed the A record and still got the same error message when attempting to add the CNAME record.

answered 2 years ago

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