Run quick setup after tearing down first workspaces and directory ?


I had a problem with my first workspaces setup which has been runing fine for some weeks and then, because of a mistake while deleting AWS resources, I have been unable to connect to the workspaces anymore and also unable to create new ones .

So I did delete all workspaces, unregistered from my directory and deleted it to start all over again.

But I foudn out that I don't have the Quick Setup option anymore. Is it possible to have the Quick Setup option again ? My account Id is 0206-1551-4464

Thanks in advance if somebody could help me out.


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Hey Christian,

While it is not possible to create the quick setup again once you have already used it, you can choose any of the below paths to move forward.

  1. Quick set up page is region specific, therefore you should be able to see quick setup in other regions. Check if any other region where WorkSpaces are available works for you and you can use quick setup there.

  2. Since quick setup creates a simple AD for you at the back end and registers it with WorkSpaces, you can use the following resources to get started with the same.

Create Simple AD:

Register directory with WorkSpaces:

Once registered, you can start creating WorkSpaces as you could after quick setup. Please write back if you run into any issues.

answered 5 years ago

Hey nityansataws

Thanks for your clear explanations. I found my way out recreating and registering a simple AD in my region and I am now able to start again workspaces.

So, again, a warm applause for helping me solve this issue and repair my mistake.

All the best.


answered 5 years ago

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