How to stop billing for "Route 53 Resolver Network Interface"?


Hi, I have been running EC2 instances with web servers on them for months now. I have never been billed anything by Route53 other than for the domain name (and requests, within free tier). Recently, I was following an AWS docs tutorial on Route53 Resolvers. I have created some Resolver rules and endpoints. However, now I have deleted all Resolver endpoints and rules (except the default rule, which I cannot possibly delete, via console or CLI), and in my billing, I am getting billed $0.125/hour for:

$0.125 per hour per Resolver Network Interface

My question: how do I stop this billing from happening? I was purely trying out the Route53 Resolvers, and now I am getting billed quite a lot of money for something I am not using and do not know how to turn off.

Things I have tried / found out:

  • I am aware that the billing corresponds to the amount of ENIs (also $0.125/hour), are these the same thing? I have an ENI running in my EC2 console, but I wouldn't understand why this all the sudden would be a problem, because (as I stated before): I have never paid for Resolver Network Interfaces before.
  • This list will be updated as I try more things
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please confirm that the AWS CLI command below doesn't return any outputs:

aws route53resolver list-resolver-endpoints

Note: Please specify the region '--region [region]' where you supposed to have the ENIs.

if there is an output, then the R53 Resolver Endpoints still exists and you need to delete them. If not and upon checking in the EC2 Console in the 'Network Interfaces' and there are still R53 resolver endpoint ENIs, then you need to reach out to AWS Support for further assistance.

answered 3 months ago
  • Tried these, no endpoints were shown (for any region). I have been in contact with AWS technical staff and they have resolved it. I think it was an issue with Billing.

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